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About Us

Yu Ming Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010. Company adhering to the technology first, integrity, pragmatic, high quality, thanks to the business philosophy, has developed into a company with more than 10 fully automatic production line LED packaging enterprises, the monthly production capacity of more than 100KK, the company mainly produces 573028354014 series of high and bright products. Solid wire equipment for the industry's most advanced AD862H KAILO FB910 ASM, to ensure that the core of the LED packaging process quality stability. In 2012, the company established the LED light source division, the main equipment is Japan's Panasonic and PHILPS high-speed machine, the product is mainly LED each type of light source, at the same time according to customer's request to design and develop all kinds of LED light source. In 2015, the company established the cob light source division, using flip chip industry, main production downlight, spot light, track light and so on custom cob light source.
Yu Ming photoelectric management team are from Taiwan's Everlight electronics, has a wealth of engineering research and development, process quality management experience, each manufacturing process are manufactured in accordance with the specifications and inspection specification operation to ensure product quality and stability, became one hundred million photoelectron ome factories.
In order to improve the product quality, the company established a laboratory aging; with Japan espec thermal shock a, constant temperature and humidity a, curing salt fog a, aging pulse light LED packaging laboratory equipment, product quality from development to shipment be accountable.
Yu Ming photoelectric believe green, energy-saving, environmental protection makes us love the earth survival hope, but also to the long-term development of human hope. As the most influential green light source, LED can make a contribution to the society. Yu Ming has been working for photoelectric......